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Science courses

Enhance your understanding of the world with a science course from The Open University. You can specialise in astronomy and planetary science, biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental sciences, physics or health sciences. So, wherever your interests lie, you’re sure to find a qualification to challenge and reward you.

Tray of samples for testing in a laboratory



Stage 1120 credits
Stage 2120 credits
Stage 3120 credits

Total of 360 credits

How long will it take?

Part time: 16–18 hours per week for 6 years
Full time: 32–36 hours per week for 3 years



Stage 1120 credits
Stage 2120 credits

Total of 240 credits

How long will it take?
Part time: 16–18 hours per week for 4 years
Full time: 32–36 hours per week for 2 years



Stage 1120 credits

Total of 120 credits

How long will it take?
Part time: 16–18 hours per week for 2 years
Full time: 32–36 hours per week for 1 year

Why study Science with The Open University?

Whether you choose a broad range of science topics, or to specialise your study, you’ll have the opportunity to explore where your scientific interests lie. With modules and qualifications informed by our own scientific and educational research, we take pride in our international reputation for teaching and research across multiple science disciplines.

The OU can offer you:

  • Optional hands-on laboratory work in chemistry, physics, or biology and health, hosted at our Milton Keynes campus.
  • Many science courses that use our award-winning OpenScience laboratory.
  • Physics-based qualifications recognised by the Institute of Physics.
  • Transferable skills highly valued by employers.

Careers in Science

Expand your career opportunities with The Open University’s high quality of teaching and active involvement in international research programmes. With ever increasing employer demand for skilled and qualified science graduates, this could be your starting point for a career in:

  • Teaching
  • Science administration or management
  • Technical consultancy
  • Industrial research

Spotlight on Geology

If you’re curious about our planet and interested in discovering solutions to environmental issues, then our geology courses could be for you.

Looking for something other than a qualification?

The majority of our modules can be studied by themselves, on a stand-alone basis. If you later choose to work towards a qualification, you may be able to count your study towards it.

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All Science courses

Browse all the Science courses we offer – certificates, diplomas and degrees.

All courses in Science

Honours Degrees (20)

  1. BSc (Honours) Biology
  2. BSc (Honours) Chemistry
  3. BSc (Honours) Physics
  4. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences
  5. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Astronomy and Planetary Science)
  6. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Biology)
  7. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Chemistry)
  8. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences)
  9. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Environmental Science)
  10. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Physics)
  11. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  12. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science (Environmental Management)
  13. BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science
  14. BA (Honours) Environmental Studies
  15. BSc (Honours) Mathematics and Physics
  16. BSc (Honours) Health Sciences
  17. BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health Science
  18. BSc (Honours) Sport, Fitness and Coaching
  19. BSc (Honours) Combined STEM
  20. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Integrated Masters (1)

Made up of 480 credits, this course combines undergraduate and postgraduate study. On successful completion, you will be awarded a Master of Environmental Science.

  1. Master of Environmental Science

Diplomas of Higher Education (9)

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in Biology
  2. Diploma of Higher Education in Chemistry
  3. Diploma of Higher Education in Physics
  4. Diploma of Higher Education in Natural Sciences
  5. Diploma of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  6. Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Science
  7. Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Studies
  8. Diploma of Higher Education in Sport and Fitness
  9. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Certificates of Higher Education (6)

  1. Certificate of Higher Education in Natural Sciences
  2. Certificate of Higher Education in Environment
  3. Certificate of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  4. Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare with Health Science
  5. Certificate of Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management
  6. Certificate of Higher Education Open

Open University Certificates (4)

Between 60 and 120 credits. Study a specific topic to explore your personal and professional interests.

  1. Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science
  2. Certificate in Physics
  3. Certificate in Health Sciences
  4. Professional Certificate in Chemistry

Science modules

OU level 1

  1. Environment: journeys through a changing world
  2. Physics and space
  3. Questions in science
  4. Science and health: an evidence-based approach
  5. Science: concepts and practice
  6. Working with people in sport and fitness

OU level 2

  1. Astronomy
  2. Brain, mind and mental health
  3. Cell biology
  4. Chemistry: essential concepts
  5. Earth science
  6. Environment and society
  7. Environment: sharing a dynamic planet
  8. Environmental science
  9. Human biology
  10. Investigating human health and disease
  11. Physics: from classical to quantum
  12. Planetary science and the search for life
  13. The biology of survival

OU level 3

  1. Astrophysics
  2. Biological science: from genes to species
  3. Chemistry: further concepts and applications
  4. Earth processes
  5. Electromagnetism
  6. Environment: responding to change
  7. Environmental management 2
  8. Environmental policy in an international context
  9. Evaluating contemporary science
  10. Exploring contemporary issues in sport and exercise
  11. Exploring psychological aspects of athletic development
  12. Infectious disease and public health
  13. Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics
  14. Researching biology and health science
  15. Science project course: environmental science practical project
  16. Science project course: frontiers in chemistry
  17. Science project course: geosciences
  18. Science project course: radiation and matter
  19. Science project course: science in society project
  20. Signals and perception: the science of the senses
  21. Terrestrial ecosystems
  22. The quantum world
  23. The relativistic Universe

Access modules

  1. People, work and society Access module
  2. Science, technology and maths Access module

Short courses

  1. Science: galaxies, stars and planets
  2. Science: human genetics and health issues
  3. Science: living without oil
  4. Science: microbes
  5. Science: molecules, medicines and drugs
  6. Science: plants and people
  7. Science: the frozen planet
  8. Science: the weather

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