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Affordable TEFL training since 2002. Prices start from euros 300.
All EBC TEFL courses include Worldwide Job Placement. At EBC, jobs come looking for you!

TEFL course in Spain with a one year student visa and a one year Spanish course. Ideal for non-European Union students. Learn More!

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EBC TEFL Courses

We run four week classroom based TEFL Courses, Online TEFL Courses and Hybrid TEFL Courses (Online TEFL Course plus Teaching Practice)…more

EBC TEFL Course Start Dates

Our four week classroom based TEFL Courses run roughly once a month during the year. Our Online TEFL Courses and Hybrid TEFL Course start when you say so… more

EBC TEFL Course Fees

Our TEFL Course fees are designed to suit all budgets. One thing that sets EBC apart from the rest is that all our course fees include worldwide, proactive job placement…more

What is EBC?

EBC offers TEFL certificate courses. EBC is a full service education and training organisation. EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.

EBC offers three types of TEFL certificate courses: four week residential (in-classroom) TEFL courses, 150 hour online TEFL courses and Hybrid TEFL courses (a blend of online and in-classroom training).

EBC has TEFL training centres in locations around the world.

All EBC TEFL certificate courses include lifetime, worldwide, pro-active job placement to help graduates to quickly get an English language teaching job.

EBC’s full-service support includes travel help, accommodation, TEFL and TESOL certificate training, interview preparation and getting a job through EBC’s exclusive job programme.

EBC TEFL certificate courses – the journey so far

Executive Business Communications started in Madrid in 1995. Over the years EBC has become a respected English language training organisation. Our teaching English as a foreign language experience means that we know exactly what it takes to become a highly employable English language teacher.

In 2002 the owners of EBC saw a change in attitude from their clients. The days of the back-packer teacher were over and serious and rigorous teacher training was required. EBC found that the local supply of ‘trained’ teachers was weak. Many of them had little exposure to the day-to-day practical issues when teaching English.

The need for properly trained teachers prompted the start of EBC TEFL certificate courses. Since then, EBC has become a well-respected TEFL certificate course provider around the world.

Come and join us on our journey. Your company and participation helps.


Inadequate “best” TEFL certificate courses

Chances are you have not made your final course decision. We would like you to take one of our courses but there are others. The EBC course was born because management felt that the academics, practice and post-cost support were inadequate.

People who took other courses will tell you that theirs was the best. What else would they say? Approach your choice with an open mind and challenge anyone who says the course they took was the best. Here’s a bit more about why you should challenge the ‘best’ TEFL course claim.

The EBC selection staff found that teachers who had attended one of the allegedly best TEFL certificate courses lacked the key area of practice because they had no exposure to teaching full classes.

Even today, one of the best TEFL certificate courses only allows its students to teach one after another (like a production line) in 20 minute slots and only exposes them to two language learner levels.

For EBC, this approach is unacceptable because it is not how you teach in the real world.

EBC international TEFL certificate courses take off

The EBC International TEFL Certificate course project took off in the Autumn of 2002.

When the EBC International TEFL Certificate course was ready, we built this web site for it. It’s changed a lot over the years, but it was created on November 13, 2002. That’s how long EBC has been around.

For those who like to do domain checks, this site runs with two.  established in 2002 and  established in 2014 because we decided to get rid of the hyphens.

EBC TEFL certificate course training

  • no surprises
  • no doubts
  • no worries
  • no hidden extra costs

Courses awarding the EBC International TEFL Certificate are identical. The schedule, syllabus, material, teaching practice, English teaching job placement assistance, etc. is identical.

Seriously, we don’t know any other TEFL certificate courses on this planet that can make this statement.

EBC’s unique promise

EBC promises the following for all the EBC International TEFL Certificate courses we run and no other course can match this promise.


    • Same course
  • Same schedule
  • Same syllabus
  • Same material, manuals, handouts, etc.
  • Same teaching practice
  • Same English teaching job placement
  • Same certification
  • IN ALL OUR EBC International TEFL Certificate CAMPUS LOCATIONS

EBC’s credentials; experience and quality are the cornerstones of what we do

    • EBC Madrid is a founding member of the Chartered College of Teaching.
  • All our trainers have a minimum of 5 years English teaching experience. Many of them have much more.
  • All our trainers have, at least, a Bachelors degree in education and/or English language.
  • Many of our trainers have more than one degree and some have been university professors.
  • EBC is a member of the Camera de Comercio in Spain which acts the same way as the ‘Better Business Bureau’ in the USA.
  • EBC is an accredited English centre of Anglia Examinations an international EFL/ESL testing organisation.
  • EBC is recognised representative of Chichester College.
  • EBC’s 4 week intensive TEFL certificate course was written to UK level 5 standards.

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