Online English conversation classes, tailored for Turks.


All classes are taught by native English speakers who have experience living and working in Turkey. They understand your language and culture, and they know what interests you.
All you need is a laptop with built-in speakers and a microphone – headset preferred – and a decent Internet connection. Log in at home or the office.


You know English is important for Turks… You need strong English. As Turkey moves from strength to strength, the need for English-speaking Turks is increasing rapidly. In your profession, you need English to advance in your career and take advantage of global opportunities. As a student, you require it to increase your employment choices after you graduate. And as a parent, you know English has become the most important gift for your child’s success.

And you’ve probably tried other language schools… We know there are plenty of language schools in Turkey. We also know that students don’t achieve their desired results. Students drop out of schools that are located far from home or work, with classes often taught by staff who aren’t native English-speakers.

So welcome to an online language system that works! offers flexibility and quality teaching from native English speakers who know and live Turkish language and culture. Best of all, we only ‘do’ conversation because that’s what you want: to speak. It’s up to you how much you participate, you can sit back and listen or talk as much as you want.