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Online Angielski LTS Solutions ™ is an international English language teaching institution employing native speakers and specialists in communications, which operates successfully in many countries. We offer personalized English classes, taught by qualified teachers, native speakers, so you can quickly and inexpensively, and to improve the level of English to communicate fluently in that language.

Online Angielski LTS Solutions ™ offers individual, 1 × 1 English lessons via Skype. Communication method is simple and requires only a free Skype and Google. Just a standard PC or Apple with a speaker and microphone, the camera is not necessary. Mastery of our tools takes a few minutes, then we proceed to learn. The instructions are in the section “How to Begin”
Our teachers are qualified native speakers to learn, motivated and working with enthusiasm. Teaching in the system one student one teacher allows you to achieve excellent results, we learn much faster and more interesting than group lessons. We use a proven method Online Angielski LTS Solutions ™. Our students enjoy the lessons quickly make progress and are proud of the fact that the acquired skills are preserved and useful for life.

METHOD Angielski Online Solutions LTS ™

The method of ” Online Angielski LTS Solutions ™ ” is based on developed by native speakers of the curriculum using the latest interactive technologies and communications at a distance. However, the “automatic” application differentiates us is that each lesson is 100% and the individual teacher is entirely at your disposal.

How do we teach? The teacher is all the time with you all the time and talk using Skype. As a result, 100% of the time you learn to understand spoken English. Importantly, when you talk, the teacher always corrects your grammar and your pronunciation. At the same time using the interactive whiteboard and doing grammar exercises editorial, developed by us using teaching aids. You can also have conversations on specific topics where science is also performed pronunciation and grammar. In this way you use your time well, you learn at the same time both pronunciation and comprehension, and English grammar.

It is a method that has been developed future to using new technologies to teach people the smooth English both orally and in writing. Without leaving home, in contact with a native speaker, in an interesting way, and most importantly – quickly and without exposing you to the big spending.

Rather than expose you to the lengthy descriptions of our teaching methods, we invite you today to a free trial lesson , during which you will see how our classes are fun and you’ll learn how excellent offer as part of our affordable pricing.

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