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Learn Albanian Online
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Our online classes combine convenience and flexibility with a rich and dynamic learning experience between you and your instructor.

Build your vocabulary quickly. Now is the time for you to speak Albanian confidently.

With Learn Albanian Online you will receive a comprehensive Albanian language lesson formulated for beginner, intermediate and advance level students.

Free Classes

Every month, someone from our team teaches an online class that you can sign up for. It’s absolutely free. You can watch pre-recorded classes anytime on our YouTube channel and register for a live one whenever you’re ready!

Free Classes

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We provide high quality, private classes to help you learn the skills needed to achieve your goals. One-to-one classes are all about you. They include lessons, exams and an instructor to help you master the learning outcomes.

Private Classes

Live Classes

To enter a free online class you need to have a Google account and be part of our Facebook Group. If you are interested in having private classes, you must have a Google or Skype account. For any questions, contact us.

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