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School Introduction

At Hopeland, our primary objective is to raise the quality of living of the Algerian people, by helping one person at a time to achieve their goals. Hopeland Institute in Cheraga, Algiers, offers language coursesin English, Arabic, French, Chinese and German. Our classes benefit the community by preparing Algerian students and professionals for the current and future job market, and revenues from the Institute help support Hopeland’s community service projects.

Hopeland’s new Madrasat Ardh al Amal (Hopeland Academy) in Draria, Algiers, is a preschool, primary and middle school approved by the Algerian Ministry of Education.

ESL Program Introduction

Hopeland Institute’s teaching staff for ESL is the best in Algeria. Our teachers are carefully chosen, and our semi-weekly ongoing teacher training workshops are the cornerstone of how we constantly strive to offer our students the best educational opportunities possible. Hopeland has partnered with Pearson/Longman, the world’s top educational publisher, to provide the best ESL methods available.

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Schedule & Fees

We have rolling enrollment for the Institute, so you can come anytime to take a placement test and see what course is right for you.

For our school in Draria, we are following the regular Algerian school calendar.

Fees depend on level and nationality. Please contact us for more information.

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