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Edmonton English School has two divisions: Edmonton English School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for evening classes; and Edmonton English School-Learning English Online for students who want to improve their English without leaving their home country.

Edmonton English School evening classes are located in a safe residential area on the east side of Edmonton. Bus service is very good. Free parking is available.

Edmonton English School-Learning English Online has many free resources available to help ESL learners around the world. ESL learners can receive a free e-book.

Why choose Edmonton English School? We have excellent teachers, affordable tuition and helpful, friendly staff.

Let us help you learn English!

ESL Program Introduction

Edmonton English School-Learning English Online offers many free resources: everyday English stories with learning links, quizzes, and an e-book.

Students can access an excellent online Pronunciation course, plus more.

Edmonton English School has evening classes in Pronunciation and Essential English.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

PRONUNCIATION (2 hrs/week – evening classes)
$90/4 weeks
Textbook $35
Continuous enrolment

ESSENTIAL ENGLISH (2 hrs/week – evening classes)
$180/8 week module
Materials $20

Registration fee $30

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Edmonton English School
4725 – 106 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6A 1E7