Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline)

Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline) is an online consortium of the thirteen member colleges of the Colorado Community College system, Dawson Community College (Montana), Northwest Missouri State University, and T. H. Pickens Technical Center (Aurora, Colorado).   Since its inception in 1999, Enrolment in CCCOnline courses has increased in excess of 20% per year.   CCCOnline students completed 72, 111 credit hours in Academic Year (AY) 2005 and projections for AY 2006 are that students will complete over 87, 000 credit hours.

North Central Association of Colleges

and Schools. Through CCCOnline, students earn fully accredited Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Certificates in various disciplines. In 2003 CCCOnline was recognized as one of the top three virtual consortiums in the United States by Carol Twigg of the Center for Academic Transformation (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).   CCCOnline’s quality assurance practices garnered it the 2004 Western Cooperative’s WOW! award.

Student Information:

To register for classes offered through CCCOnline a student chooses a home college (http: // htm ).
When a student applies to a home college he/she is given a Student ID and PIN which allow students access to courses and other information through the home college’s online information system.   Processing of applications take 48 hours after which students can register for courses.  The home college, not CCCOnline, will transcribe grades after courses have been finished.

Faculty Information

:   The heart of CCCOnline’s instruction is its faculty.   From the start, CCCOnline has recruited qualified higher education faculty who are first and foremost committed to facilitating and communicating with students for the sake of each learner’s success.   Through a wide range of professional development workshops and in online and face-to-face training sessions, CCOnline provides training and ongoing workshops to develop and expand faculty’s online technical and instructional abilities. CCCOnline expects faculty to actively engage in continuous learning and is committed to providing opportunities for them.   CCCOnline currently employs about 275 adjunct faculty; many have been with CCCOnline since its inception.

Faculty Qualifications:

CCCOnline currently hires only Colorado residents for faculty positions. Faculty applying to teach academic courses must have a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the subject matter being taught master’s degrees are preferred.

CCCOnline only accepts applications from instructors qualified (see #2) to teach courses currently offered by CCCOnline. (Check course offerings at http: //ccconline. org All CCCOnline faculty are adjunct (part-time) instructors contracted by term. Those faculty who meet CCCOnline’s Quality Assurance guidelines www.ccconline. org/FacultySC/TeachingResources/ are regularly rehired when the classes they teach are offered subsequent semesters.   However, since hiring is based on Enrolment, there is no guarantee of continued employment. Program chairs make the ultimate hiring and scheduling decisions. Faculty teaching career and technical courses in the areas listed below must have a current vocational credential issued from CCCS (http: //www.coloradocredentialing. org ).

Applicants with a Masters degree as well as the vocational credential are preferred.

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Criminal Justice
  • Computer Networking
  • Management
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Marketing
  • Nursing (Masters degree required to teach in the RN program)
  • Nutrition

The following steps are required to become eligible for teaching for CCCOnline: Mail a current resume and a copy of graduate transcripts indicating 18 credit hours in the teaching subject to:

CCCOnline Instructional Coordinator

Faculty Inquiries

9026 East Severn Place, Building 967

Denver, CO 80230

    Your transcript will be evaluated. If you have the necessary credits, an application packet will be mailed to you. Complete and return the CCCOnline application packet. Files for faculty who do not return a completed application packet within 60 days of the initial inquiry will be destroyed due to space limitations. At this step of the application process an official graduate transcript must be requested and issued directly to:

CCCOnline Instructional Coordinator

9026 East Severn Place, Building 967

Denver, CO 80230

Note: Only official transcripts mailed directly to CCCOnline from another college or university are acceptable for inclusion in personnel files.

Contracts will not be issued until an official transcript is received.

    Once an application packet is complete, prospective faculty will receive a letter from CCCOnline with contact information for the program chair in the appropriate area of expertise. The assignment of classes to faculty is at the sole discretion of the program chair.



9026 East Severn Place,
Building 967

Denver, CO  80230 Tel: 1-800-801-5040

Fax: (303) 365-8822

Website: www.CCCOnline. org